Query premium car details

Car premium data allows you to get even more data about your car, the tire pressure, prices, data about your drivetrain, and more. Please contact us to get access to premium data.


To get premium data of a car you need to provide a carId. This id can be obtained by using the carList query.


  • id id

    The car ID

  • Frequently used fields

  • id id

    Unique ID of a car

  • naming object CarPremiumNaming

    Naming of a car

  • connectors list [CarPlug]

    Connectors available for a car

  • fast_charge object CarPremiumFastCharge

    Fast charge details

  • routing object CarPremiumRouting

    Routing of a car

  • Other fields

  • succesor_id string

    Internal ID of the successor car trim

  • charge object CarPremiumCharge

    Charge details

  • adapters list [CarPlug]

    Adapters of connectors available for a car

  • battery object CarPremiumBattery

    Battery of a car

  • body object CarPremiumBody

    Body of a car

  • availability object CarPremiumAvailability

    Availability of a car

  • price object CarPremiumPrice

    Pricing of a car

  • drivetrain object CarPremiumDrivetrain

    Drivetrain of a car

  • performance object CarPremiumPerformance

    Performance of a car

  • range object CarPremiumRange

    Range of a car

  • efficiency object CarPremiumEfficiency

    Efficiency of a car

  • safety object CarPremiumSafety

    Safety of a car

  • media object CarPremiumMedia

    Media of a car

  • connect object Connect

    Information about vehicle connectivity

  • Response

    If successful, the HTTP status code in the response header is 200 and the response body contains the attributes you requested.

    If unsuccessful, the header status code is an error code and the response body contains an error response object. The error response object can be any of the ones below.

    Errors & warnings

    • Error

      No car was found with the provided ID

    • Error

      You are not allowed to query for premium car data. Please contact the support team to enable this feature!

    • Error

      You are forbidden to execute this operation

    • Error

      Missing required parameter(s): $PARAMETERS