Query station reviews

Every station in your database can be accompanied by a user review. You can query for properties such as rating and message but also receive data about the EV that was used. Reviews are stored per station database and can't be used across different projects.


To get the reviews of a specific station you will need to provide a stationId as an argument. Optionally you can use pagination for your query.


  • stationId non_null

    ID of the station

  • size int

    Number of elements (count) to return, default: 10

  • page int

    Page number to return, default: 0

  • Other fields

  • id non_null

    ID of a review

  • station object Station

    Station for which a review was provided

  • user object ReviewUser

    User who added a review. If a review was added by an anonymous user, this will be null

  • rating int

    Rating of a review

  • message string

    Message of a review

  • locale string

    Locale of a message

  • ev object Car

    Car that was provided/selected by a user

  • plugType enum ConnectorType

    Plug type that was provided/selected by a user

  • properties json

    Optional object where you can store custom data you need in your application. This extends the current functionalities we offer

  • tags object ReviewTags

    Boolean tags for a station review

  • createdAt string

    Date and time when a review was created

  • updatedAt string

    Date and time when a review was updated

  • Response

    If successful, the HTTP status code in the response header is 200 and the response body contains the attributes you requested.

    If unsuccessful, the header status code is an error code and the response body contains an error response object. The error response object can be any of the ones below.

    Errors & warnings

    • Error

      You are forbidden to execute this operation

    • Error

      Page must be an INT value higher than 0

    • Error

      Size must be an INT value between 1 and 1000