Getting started

The Chargetrip API can be used to render electric vehicles, plot stations and calculate routes. The API itself has different access levels and request limits depending on your plan. Everyone can start with a limited dataset on the free plan, but you can contact us at any time to upgrade your plan.

Getting access

To get started with the Chargetrip API you need to create an account and collect your own keys. Once you have done that, you can start making requests.

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Configuring your project

When logged in to the dashboard, go to projects and click create new project. You will be going through a small onboarding guide where you can set your station provider and cars. Bear in mind: cars can be updated later on, stations can not.


Want to use the same configuration in a different app? Create additional app keys inside your project and add them to your header as explained here.

Collect your keys

After configuring your project, you need to click create. After that you will be taken to your project overview. Copy the project id / x-client-id in combination with your x-app-id and use this to make requests.

Key alert

These keys can’t be regenerated so keep them safe by using environment variables or a secure password manager.