Quick setup guide

Integrate smart, EV-specific routing into products built for electric vehicle drivers using the Chargetrip API. This API gives developers access to the same powerful EV routing engine that is already used and trusted by vehicle manufacturers and e-mobility services around the world. Our API and documentation are always current to the latest stable version, and fully backward compatible. For new features and bug fixes, see the release notes.


To start integrating the Chargetrip API read our getting started guide. Having generated the API keys, proceed by copying the base URL.


Subscriptions can be implemented by using the graphql-ws or graphql-transport-ws protocol. It is recommended to use the newer graphql-transport-ws protocol. Learn how to use websockets in detail over here.

The graphql-ws protocol uses the following url:

The graphql-transport-ws uses:

Who is this API for?

All vehicle manufacturers, charge point operators, utility providers, and fleet operators, need EV-specific routing to remove adoption barriers, improve the electric driving and charging experience, and optimize their operation. Integrating the Chargetrip API into an end-user application, in-vehicle product or telematics dashboard will give instant access to intelligent route computations for electric vehicles and electric fleets.