How far can a specific electric vehicle drive on a single charge? It’s never been easier to find out than with isolines, also known as the range spider.

How it works

Select the vehicle of choice and an origin, and the API will calculate the isolines that indicate the travel distance limit. It is an effective way to dispel range anxiety and to inspire a sense of adventure and exploration!

Use cases

The range spider is very versatile and can be employed in various contexts. Let’s take a rental scenario: a customer walks in to rent an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle, how can they can be convinced to opt for an electric vehicle (EV) instead? Show, don’t tell. Show them that they can get to their destination and back on a single charge, instead of telling them about the battery capacity and the number of kWh stored. Another common application is for automotive OEMs to showcase the range differences of their EV line-up. Take away the technical specs, and use an isoline as an EV comparison tool for potential or indecisive customers. Being able to visualize the range of the vehicle in different seasons and in different geographical regions will help them figure out which is the right model for them. Better than just numbers, right?


Despite the complex mathematical operations that drive the tool, the implementation and usage are remarkably straightforward. Start the isoline mutation, with a vehicle and an origin. Add variables like season, climate control or round trip. Show a nice loading interaction while the subscription keeps sending information about the isoline status. Once it reaches the status done, plot the isoline data on a map. There is the option to set a custom number of polygons and decide the level of precision. For instance, in our GO implementation, we use 5 polygons, represented on the map as 5 layers color-graded differently: each layer represents a battery percentage of 20%, so the battery is decreasing with each layer of lighter color.

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Image illustrating isolines in chargetrip GO!