Query isolines

If the status field is pending, the isoline has not finished processing yet and will not return coordinates for the polygons. Use the isoline subscription to prevent this. Use this query to retrieve a previously generated isoline. This way, the subscription can be omitted which improves performance.


An isoline id is required to run the isoline query. Pull the id from the createIsoline mutation.


id ID


ID of the isoline label to retrieve

Frequently used fields

id ID

Isoline id

polygons FeatureMultiPolygon

Shape of the isoline consisting in a list of multipolygons

origin FeatureMultiPolygonPoint

Origin point of the request

Other fields

status IsolineStatus

Isoline status

Show IsolineStatus enum values

ferries FeatureLineString

List of the ferries uniting islands formed by the isoline

vehicle_id ID

Vehicle id

polygon_count Int

Number of Isolines to be generated representing SoC (default: 1, maximum: 20)

season RouteSeason

Season to be taken into account when generating the isoline. Default: current

Show RouteSeason enum values


A response can either contain a data or an errors object. The response header will always return 200 as a status code.

Data object

When successful, a data object will be returned with the requested fields. If there are no fields present the data object will return the operation name with the appropriate return type. If the operation was a query, this output will be an object of the schema’s query root type; if the operation was a mutation, this output will be an object of the schema’s mutation root type.

Error object

If unsuccessful, an errors object will be returned with more details in the extensions object. The error object can contain any of the following objects.