Charging stations

The Chargetrip station database is OCPI 2.2 compliant and must be populated with station data before any routes can be planned. This will be either your own station data or station data from one of many database providers like Hubject, Gireve, EcoMovement, NZTA or Nobil. Our playground is populated with a limited data set from EcoMovement, so you can try planning certain routes in Germany. For an exact bounding box, see our tile server example.

To support custom features, non-OCPI complaint fields are added. To make these fields easy to distinguishable all OCPI complaint fields will be marked with: "This property is OCPI-complaint." inside the GraphQL schema descriptions.

Database options

If you do not have a commercial agreement in place with a charge station provider we can pre-load your account with station data from Eco-Movement. Our premium station data exposed over 100.000 highly curated charge stations across Europe including real-time availability, pricing1, and predicted availability1. You no longer need to connect several costly charge station database providers to get European coverage. See for more details about regional limitations. Contact us for pricing.

1 Subject to availability

Importing your own database

Importing your own station data, both static and dynamic, into Chargetrip is a breeze. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.