Chargetrip Tile Service

The Chargetrip tile service is a vector tile server that offers a pre-rendered fully clustered charge station solution including filtering that supercharges your station map. Traditionally, you would load stations on the front-end within a visible bounding box and apply filters and clusters on the client side. This results in long waiting times when interacting with the map. Our tile service moves complex operations to the back-end. So filtering and clustering become nearly instantaneous, and the map becomes much more responsive.


Configuring your tile service can be done through two easy steps as shown below.

Using the tile service

To convert latitude and longitude coordinates to pixel coordinates using the Web Mercator projection in order to use them as x and y parameters, please follow the example. Our tile service can be accessed at:


You need to set your x-client-id and x-app-id as a header to authorize your request. In a similar fashion as described here.

Alternatively you can authorize your application using url parameters as described in the Integration section.