A comprehensive vehicle database is essential for any EV application. Vehicle data allows end-users to understand their vehicle better and find charging stations that are suitable for them. It is also essential to routing as the most optimal route will be radically different based on the vehicle driven.

How it works

Instead of having to provide all the data and details about a vehicle, which is customary for most EV routing APIs, Chargetrip's vehicle database contains over 1200 BEV (battery electric vehicle), PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) and EREV (extended range electric vehicle). All BEVs and EREVs come with their own validated consumption model.

Chargetrip’s consumption models take into account properties like drag coefficient and rolling resistance in relation to speed, elevation, charging speed, charging temperature, battery temperature, and many more.

Additionally, all vehicles come with detailed vehicle specifications and images that can be used in front ends. New models are continuously added as they are released to the market.

Use case

A vehicle database is integral to any e-mobility tool. Take a route planning application, for example. With so many different EVs out there, it’s vital that the end-user can select their exact vehicle to ensure the route is tailored to them. Or rental agencies can use the vehicle database to easily display all the different EV models they offer and let the customer pick which one is right for them.


Access the complete vehicle database through the vehicleList query and fetch more detailed information by using vehicle and vehiclePremium queries. The vehiclePremium query is an optional add-on that contains extended data about the battery, the body of the vehicle, availability, pricing, efficiency, safety, and more. Contact sales to upgrade to premium vehicle data.

Any route or isoline mutation requires a vehicle id, which can be obtained through the list query.


The Playground includes twelve test vehicles. Create an x-client-id and x-app-id to get access to all electric vehicles. To include hybrids and customize the vehicle database further, a premium tier is required. Contact sales to upgrade.

The table below lists all the supported upcoming vehicles sorted by make. When using the API use the id of the vehicle to query for specific details. Please contact us if there is a vehicle missing from the database.