Query premium vehicle details

Access more data about a vehicle with premium vehicle data. For example, the tire pressure, prices, data about the drivetrain, and more. Please contact us to get access to premium data.


To get premium data of a vehicle it is necessary to provide a vehicleId. This id can be obtained by using the vehicleList query.


id ID


Vehicles unique ID.

country CountryCodeAlpha2

ISO-3166 alpha-2 country code to apply localization on vehicle data if available.

Show CountryCodeAlpha2 enum values

Frequently used fields

id ID

Vehicles unique ID.

naming VehiclePremiumNaming

Naming of the vehicle.

connectors VehicleConnector

Connectors available for the vehicle.

fast_charge VehiclePremiumFastCharge

Fast charge details.

routing VehiclePremiumRouting

Routing of the vehicle.

Other fields

succesor_id String

Internal ID of the successor vehicle trim.

charge VehiclePremiumCharge

Charge details.

adapters VehicleConnector

Adapters of connectors available for a connectors of the vehicle.

battery VehiclePremiumBattery

Battery of the vehicle.

body VehiclePremiumBody

Body of the vehicle.

availability VehiclePremiumAvailability

Availability of the vehicle.

price VehiclePremiumPrice

Pricing of the vehicle.