The EV landscape is changing rapidly and our ever-evolving API is reflecting that. This results in deprecated fields when there are better solutions or structures.

Step 1

The base URL

Now that you have all necessary credentials you can start using our API. The first thing you need is the following base url on the right.

Authorization / Base URL

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Step 2

The headers

After you have our base URL you will need to authenticate yourself. You can do this by using one or more of the following headers.

x-client-idstringYour project id that contains the project configurationRequired
x-app-idstringYour app id for splitting up analytics and securityRequired
x-app-identifierstringYour iOS or Android bundle identifierOptional
x-app-fingerprintstringYour Android SHA fingerprintOptional

Step 3

The authorization process

To communicate with the chargetrip API, authorization on our endpoints and our websocket is required. Authentication should be done on two levels. With every request, an x-client-id and an associated x-app-id is expected. With every project, a default x-app-id is created. You can either use that one or configure a new one.

If you also provide an app-id we will automatically use this configuration and security measurements.

Authorization / Headers

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          curl -X POST \-H "Content-Type: application/json" \-H "x-client-id: 5e8c22366f9c5f23ab0eff39" \-H "x-app-id: 5e8c22366f9c5f23ab0eff39" \-d 'query { }' \