Getting started

The API has different access levels and request limits. Everyone that creates an account will start on the free tier with a limited amount of requests and basic access. To access premium datasets or increase request limits, contact us.

Step 1

Getting access

To start using the API, create an account. This account can be used to manage projects and view analytics.

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Step 2

Configuring a project

When logged in to the dashboard, go to projects and click create new project. Go through the flow to select vehicles and set up application restrictions. A custom vehicle selection is available for premium users only.

To use the same project configuration across different products, create additional application keys inside a project and add them to a header.

Step 3

Collect API keys

After successfully configuring a project, an x-client-id and x-app-id are generated. Copy these keys and use them to authorize any request towards the API. How this can be done is explained in the authorization basic.

These keys can’t be regenerated so keep them safe by using environment variables or a secure password manager.