Display an isoline to show driving distance

Is the destination reachable with the current state of charge? Can an electric vehicle really go that far? Questions often heard. By using isolines, these questions don't go unanswered. Display the driving distance from a location on a map.

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Steps to take

  1. To display an isoline, a mutation and subscription are required. The createIsoline mutation will be used to define variables such as the polygon_count and location. In return an id will be created that can be used on the subscription.
  2. The isoline subscription will provide status updates. Calculation of an isoline can take a little while depending on the polygon_count.
  3. When the isoline is ready and the subscription returns status done, it can be plotted on the map.

Next steps

This example illustrates the basics of how to display an isoline. To learn more about isolines and their capabilities navigate to our API reference.