Mutate to display route elevation data

Route elevation has impact on the battery performance. Having the elevation data at hand with segment details demonstrates this.

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Steps to take

  1. Plotting elevation data starts by executing the newRoute mutation. This mutation requires information about the car, origin and destination. After the mutation is finished executing a route id will be returned.
  2. This id can be used to request route updates through the routeUpdatedById subscription. This subscription receives dynamic updates.
  3. After the subscription returns done as status, the pathPlot field will be available. It contains 100 segments which are rendered using the open source chart.js library. The polyline and legs object can be used to display the route and charge stations on the map. Additional data such as distance, duration and consumption are also available.

Next steps

As seen in the example, route elevation impacts the battery performance. To be more conservative or aggressive on battery level, it might be useful to play with the capacity. This will be explained in the next example.