Query the vehicle list

Routing a vehicle requires a consumption model. Learn how to render a list of vehicles to be able to select the right consumption model.

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  • Chargetrip API key - to fetch all vehicles instead of a subset.
  • A Mapbox API key - to display the map
  • URQL - a lightweight graphQL client

Steps to take

  1. Use the vehicleList query to retrieve a list of vehicles. GraphQL will allow for only fetching the fields that are needed. The filter and search argument can be used to improve the way of how to look up vehicles. Use the page and size argument to implement pagination. To improve performance even more, the thumbnail image of the vehicle is used.
  2. After fetching the data, an intersectionObserver needs to be implemented to support endless scroll pagination.
  3. With everything set up, it's time to render the list of vehicles alongside the filters and search onto the screen.

Next steps

With the vehicleList up and running, it's possible to retrieve additional vehicle details. This will be explained in our next example.